National Luna’s new portable power pack (grey box) with Bluetooth connectivity

Back in 2018, National Luna launched a new battery-box option that their customers nicknamed : ‘The Black Box’. The product featured a patented faceplate design that was a big leap forward from their original Portable Power Pack (Aka: The Grey Box) where the plug points are mounted on the side of the unit.

What temperature should I set my camping fridge?

This month, we’re looking at how various temperature settings affect the energy use of the same 60-litre single-compartment fridge. We’ve done this by following the same methodology

How much power does a camping fridge use?

Knowing how much power your camping fridge uses is an important step in knowing how much battery energy you need. It also helps when calculating your required solar-panel size. While several factors affect your fridge’s energy use, ambient temperature is one of the most impactful


Considering that an 85W panel produces roughly 5 amps per hour in ideal conditions, you would need at least 7-hours to replenish 35 amps

Do tyres have an expiry date?

If you recently bought a used vehicle you may be wondering if the tyres have expired.Unfortunately, tread depth is not a reliable means…


Unless you’re using a foldable solar panel for camping, you may be tempted to save boot space by mounting your solar panel on your vehicle’s roof…

National Luna’s new 40A DC-DC Green Box

So why would you want a 40A DC-DC power pack instead of a 25A unit? Well, the higher amperage is beneficial when…

How to remove rust from an old car – best product

Guest blog by Andrew Gain One of my favourite pastimes on the weekend is classic-car restoration. But as any jalopy owner will tell you, the greatest challenge of any restoration project is... Rust!...

What size dc-dc charger do you need?

Is a 40 amp DC-DC charger better than a 25 amp DC-DC charger? Not necessarily. National Luna explains why…

What are beadlock rims and are they worth it?

Last month we chatted about steel rims vs alloy rims, and pointed out that steel rims are preferable in extreme off-road situations where damage to the rim is likely to occur. In these cases, an alloy rim is more likely to crack due to impact

Which dual-battery system is best: Solenoid or DC-DC?

Which dual-battery system is best: Solenoid or DC-DC?

We laboratory tested various dual-battery kits, along with various battery types, to determine which setup performed “best”. However, rather than deliver a conclusive result, the tests highlighted just how complex the subject really is.

How to charge your dual-battery system properly

How to charge your dual-battery system properly

My dual-battery isn’t charging. I had a solenoid system installed in my 4×4 just over a year ago. The setup seemed to work fine the first time, but now there’s very little power in my auxiliary battery when I get to camp.

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