If you’re planning a DIY dual-battery installation, you may find that your battery’s overly-crowded terminals are the first obstacle.

This is especially true if your vehicle already has a stack of 12V accessories drawing power from the cranking battery.

Instead of trying to squeeze an additional cable onto an already messy battery terminal, the safest, easiest and most practical solution is to just replace your factory-fitted terminals with National Luna’s multi-junction MTA terminals.

Showing an OE fitted battery terminal on the left, versus the MTA terminal on the right.

Amongst National Luna’s 200+ accessories, the MTA Battery Terminal is one of our favourite products.

It takes less than a few minutes to swop out the old terminal clamps for the National Luna replacement, and once you’re done, you’ve got plenty of space for your newly installed dual-battery cables.

The MTA Battery Terminal upgrade is a no-brainer replacement that will not only make your dual-battery installation easier, it’ll also pave the way for any future 12V installation, such as…

  • Adding additional 12V plug points
  • Installing a winch
  • Wiring a built-in air compressor
  • Fitting spot lights or a powerful work light
  • Installing a battery monitor
  • And much, much more

The National Luna MTA Battery Terminal is available at leading 4×4 and outdoor stores. Click here to find your nearest distributor.

Note: There are two clamp sizes available, one for the positive terminal, and one for the negative terminal. As per most battery designs, the positive terminal is generally larger than the negative terminal. So make sure that you buy one of each, and not two of the same size.

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